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Sanctity of Life: More than Just Politics and Church


Once again, the question has come up about Church and Politics, this time while I was in the checkout line at a local store.

I can't recall specifically what the question was but the answer was given in very reserved terms: clergy address moral standards and leave the politics to the politicians.

Later, it started to play on my mind. I thought about history: history of Western Civilization, history of the Church, history of our own nation.

What stood out is that Church and politics have been intertwined and have been at the core of Western Civilization since the beginning of Christianity.

The Church has been involved in wars and battles for centuries, and clergy played a vital role in the formation of our own nation.

When the Church retreats or shrinks from political involvement, the result is a rise in secularism in its ugliest forms. We see examples of that in every country in the world today.

Specifically, what we see is a growing disregard for the sanctity of life.

For example: the murder of Christians, just because they are Christians, is taking place in more and more areas of the world.

Another example is the genocide practiced against ethnic minorities in quite a number of countries.

And, in our own country, as well as others, the liberalization of abortion laws and laws concerning assisted suicide, all related to Sanctity of Life.

Indeed, these two subjects have become volatile topics in this nation.

Most recently, the State of New York has passed a law permitting abortion up to and including the birth day of an infant!

In reality, New York has legalized the killing of babies, not just the aborting of a fetus in its earliest stage of conception, as unacceptable as that may be, but the murder of a child about to be born into the world.

How did we get to this point and where does it end?

I propose that we have gotten to this point because the Church has bought in to the idea that politics is only for the politicians, and, as a result, has even shrunk from addressing real moral issues from the pulpit, following the premise that clergy must stay out of politics. But there is a fine line between addressing moral issues and "meddling" in politics.

What is that fine line? Who drew the line? Is it based on the Constitution? Where did this idea originate that the Church must stay out of politics and stick only to churchy things? This Separation of Church and State.

Look at history. The Church has played a definite role in the affairs of nations, not always with success, but not shrinking from involvement in the affairs of state as it strove to meet its mandate from our Lord to make disciples of all nations.

That fine line, drawn in recent times, defies reason and essentially blurs a relationship existing for centuries, even relegates the constitutional relevance of Religion to a position of irrelevance. We have now been freed from religion!

Where does it end? Some have surmised that, left unchallenged by the Church, the new law in New York will lead to a broader form of euthanasia, ultimately the euthanasia of the undesirable of society, the disabled, and, most certainly, the elderly as well.

When one looks at morality within the political system, it is obvious that the Church has become irrelevant there.

When we look at the moral decline and the relaxing of standards of conduct within this nation, in other nations as well, what is obvious is that the Church, again, is becoming, if it hasn't already become, irrelevant.

And what is even more disconcerting is the embrace of late by various denominations of issues that before would have been deemed unacceptable at best, and certainly immoral by Christian standards.

What is the answer? Sanctity of Life?

The answer must come from within the Church, through prayer, yes, but also by putting faith into action! The Shield of Faith, yes, to deflect the fiery darts of the Devil but the Sword of Truth carried in the right hand.

There is one group called Anglican Priests for Life. That is a start.

But, indeed, it must come from each and every Christian putting faith into action, becoming involved, working to ensure Sanctity of Life and the continuing relevance of the Church in our nation.